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Attention People Who Want To Build a HUGE list for FREE!
If you still haven't jumped on the "Twitter Bandwagon", then keep reading to discover...

(...And Without Resorting To Spammy or
Black-Hat Tactics That Can Get You
Shunned or Worse...BANNED!)

Dear Friend,

I HATE Twitter. There I said it.

But I'm not stupid...seriously, hear me out.

There are some people out there today who think Twitter is the best thing since toasted sliced bread with jam on top.

And there are some people out there who think Twitter is the biggest fad to hit since Furbies®, the Pet Rock® or maybe even Disco.

Neither of those scenarios fit me.

My first thought on Twitter was, "Oh great, another way for people to waste time while pretending like they're working."

So I avoided Twitter COMPLETELY for months. I honestly thought I was "above" Twitter and "too smart and successful" to spend any time on it.

So needless to say, at first I was more than a little skeptical...

But When I Figured Out a Hidden Way To Make Money With Twitter (WITHOUT Having To Tweet Every Time I Have a Brain Fart)...My Skepticism Disappeared

My aversion to posting 140 character messages all day aside, I'm not arrogant enough to ignore a trend as big as Twitter.

You see, as much as I think Twitter is an annoying waste of time, the fact is, EVERYONE AND THEIR DOG IS ON TWITTER.

According to a recent ComScore Report, Twitter has over 20,000,000 users (that's 20 MILLION USERS!!) and is growing at an insanely rapid rate: fact, Twitter growth rate is even greater than Facebook's...the GIANT of social media:

So again, I'm NOT stupid, and if this is where all the people are, then by golly I'm gonna be there too.

But when I actually started using Twitter, I came to a realization that will probably shock you...


Unless You're Willing To Devote Your Entire LIFE To Social Media...You Literally CAN'T Make Money With Twitter

I know that sounds harsh, but it's the truth.

Unless you're like my good buddy, Perry Belcher (who, by the way, does make an absolute boat-load of money on Twitter), and you're willing to devote your entire life to Twitter and other social media networks, you probably won't make a single, thin dime on Twitter.

But here's the BIG SECRET...

You don't need to!

Let me explain: For me, Twitter isn't a money-making proposition. The ROI for my time just isn't worth it.

And besides, one of the surest ways to piss off your Twitter followers is to send them links to buy stuff. That just isn't how Twitter (or any social media platform for that matter) works!

But (and this is a BIG BUT so pay close attention)...

Twitter Is the Ultimate Lead Generation and
List-Building Tool I've Ever Come Across!

I have never...NEVER...seen such an incredible opportunity to build an email opt-in list in nearly 10 years of selling products and services online.


And believe me...I've tried EVERYTHING and nothing can match Twitter when it comes to growing a massive opt-in list.


1. It's FREE! I'm used to paying anywhere from $5 - $15 to put a person an my email list, so when I figured out that I could go out and in just a couple minutes a day (in an almost robotic fashion) suck in 200...300...even 500 leads a day for FREE I gotta tell you, my eyes were open wide.


2. It's FAST! In just a few minutes a day I can set and forget my "Automated Twitter Lead-Sucking System" and sit back and watch as people migrate from Twitter to my email list.

And make no mistake, these leads are absolutely cherry because no one else is trying to move them off of Twitter and onto their own email lists. (And the ones who are trying to do it are so blatant and spammy about it that they get ignored or worse...banned from Twitter entirely.)


3. It's EASY! I swear, I could teach a 10-year-old how to do this. If you follow the 3 brain-dead simple steps that I show you, you can literally do this system in just a matter of minutes every day.

And here's my super top-secret confession...once I setup my "Twitter Lead-Sucking System", I outsourced the entire process to an assistant who manages the whole process for me.

My cost: $12 an hour (usually less than $500 a month). If that sounds like a lot, keep in mind that it averages out to just pennies a lead. And considering I can make at least $0.25 a month for every lead on my list, that a MONTHLY ROI of 5 - 10X.

And I don't know about you, but I'll trade nickels for quarters every day as often as I possibly can!

4. So far, it's worked in every niche for everyone I've shown it to. In other will work for YOU! Twitter currently has over 20,000,000 people using their service on a regular basis, so no matter how "micro" your niche is I guarantee that there are people on Twitter who are interested in what you have to offer.

And to my shock and amazement, no one else has figured out exactly how to migrate these folks off of Twitter and onto email lists.

Here's how I'm able to do it...

How To Use Twitter To Build Your
Email Opt-In List (For FREE!)

Building a massive email opt-in list from Twitter is a simple 3-step system, that I call the "Twitter Lead-Sucking System".

Some of my buddies felt that "lead-sucking" sounded a little harsh, however, so I know just refer to it as the "Twitter List-Building System".

But whichever name you prefer, the methodology is the same. (And if you keep reading, I'll show you how you can get my complete "Twitter List-Building System" on a silver platter. But for now, let me tell you about the three steps and what you'll discover in each...)

STEP 1: Build Your Follower List In Twitter

This step is easy...and free. I'll show you exactly how I built a 20,000+ person follower list in multiple markets the RIGHT WAY. (No spam or black-hat automation software at all...this is 100% white hat stuff!)

Here's just a taste of some of the insider tricks and strategies I've used to build massive Twitter followings in multiple markets:

My Bull Dozer method that quickly builds you a large list of followers. (Over 18,240 in 90 days!)
My fool proof way of uncovering "hyper reactive" followers PROVEN to have a RECENT interest in your topic.
2 HUGE land mines 90% of marketers come across when using Twitter that will DOOM you to fail if you don't have a plan.
My first social media NIGHTMARE - how you can lose ALL of your followers overnight.
Secret stealth methods for hi-jacking your competition's biggest customers and fans right under their nose.
3 almost magic hours of the day for MAXIMIZING the number of people who will follow you back.
"Personality Profiling" that will let you know which Twitter users are the holy grail of followers (because they're WAY more likely to click on your links and jump on your list).
"Sand-Trapping" - This incredibly simple method for discovering targeted new followers may result in building your most responsive subgroup of followers...and most people would never even THINK of it!
The Twitter Police! - Discover how many people can you follow a day without getting banned or shut down by Twitter? This formula has kept my friends and I from having any problems with Twitter.

Once you have a massive list of targeted Twitter followers, the next step is to start talking to them...

STEP 2: Tweet Pre-Tested Content

I don't believe in being "creative" with my tweeting, because like I've already said, I don't have all day to devote to Twitter. So I developed a process for tweeting what my buddy Perry Belcher has termed "pre-tested content". (But with my system it can be 100% outsourced. )

But before your compose your first tweet, here are a few things you first need to understand...

The 3 BIG PLAYER rules for writing tweets that demand attention and persuade people to act now.
The absolutely worst day to try and get followers to click a link in your tweets. (Yes, the days do make a difference.)
The 6 BEST hours of the day to tweet for maximum followers and response. (And they're not in a row.)
How to keep your tweets from getting lost in your followers' timeline.
Three "Tweet Tweeks" that will always get WAY more clicks than others. I'll help you identify them so you can put your links in these ones!
3 100% FREE content-rich websites that are designed to EASILY give you all the pre-tested tweeting content you'll ever need.

And now that you have a list of Twitter followers and you're sending them valuable, pre-tested content (that requires ZERO work on your part), the final step is to begin migrating these followers onto your email list...

STEP 3: Blend "Disguised Content" Into Your Tweets

This is where the magic happens, but again most people who try to do this get overly aggressive and spammy and the screw it all up. The key is to be very subtle and to use hidden cues that encourage your followers to happily opt-in to your email lists.

Here's an overview of just a handful of the strategies I use as a part of my "Twitter List-Building System":

My 3 best ways to bribe your twitter followers to click over to your opt-in forms (but one of them works way better than rest).
My best tested "lead-magnet" -- this one is the BEST for enticing email addresses out of your Twitter followers.
Will people unfollow you if you send out too many promotional links? YES. But we stumbled upon the perfect ratio of promo links to good content. And it actually INCREASES the likeliness that they'll click on your link.
A simple way to double or triple your opt-in rate at your blog in 30 seconds flat.
Two big methods for creating Tweets that go VIRAL on Twitter, often resulting in an explosion of new followers.
3 MAGIC letters to include in your promotional tweets that will keep people from getting upset at your "advertising."
How to profit and build lists with Twitter EVEN if you hate it. This is my personal system for outsourcing. (HINT: I even give you the exact CraigsList ad I used to find my social media assistant. What's that worth to you?)

And just in case you missed that last bullet point above,

If The Idea Of "Tweeting" 50 Times A Day Sounds Like Torture, Let Someone Else To Follow My Ready-Made Twitter Strategy and Do All the "Grunt Work" For You

As I said at the beginning of this letter, I HATE Twitter and I HATE "tweeting".

Not because I think it's a fad. I know Twitter works. It's just that the idea of answering the question, "What Are You Doing?" 50 times a day sounds like hell on earth to me. I know that there are some people (like my buddy Perry Belcher) who love to send a tweet every 5 minutes, but I don't.

So while Perry is busy tweeting, I'm busy building other parts of my business while a contractor is busy building my list for me using Twitter.

And when you get my "Twitter List-Building System" you'll also get access to my detailed plan for easily outsourcing the entire process to a contractor. In other words, you never have to learn this system if you don't want to. Just hand it off to an employee or outsourcer and let them build your list for you...for FREE!

List-building just doesn't get any easier than that!

By now you should be getting pretty excited. In fact, you're probably wondering how you can get access to my "Twitter List-Building System" so you can begin implementing these powerful list-building strategies in your own business.

Well, before I tell you how to get it, I first need to tell you exactly what comes with the "Twitter List-Building System"...

Here's What YOU Get With My
"Twitter List-Building System"...


Twitter List-Building System:
Training Videos
FORMAT: Streaming Video

In this 3 part video training I walk you through:

Getting Followers
Finding Stuff To Tweet
Blending Disguised Content Tweets

I show you the systems Iíve put in place to strategically grow my list of Twitter followers and then MOVE them from Twitter to my different mailing lists.

Itís an incredibly powerful method, and best of all it doesnít involve any cheesy black-hate strategies that can get you kicked off Twitter.

$497 Value


Twitter List-Building System:
Demo Videos
FORMAT: Streaming Video

I wanted to make sure you get exactly how I use this system, so...

I created a series of Demo Videos that show you step by step how to duplicate my system. 

In thin these demo videos I show you exactly ho to:

Find People Worth Following
Find Done For You Tweet Content
Use Tweet Later to Automate
Use MY Tweeting Schedule Sheet

$97 Value

Twitter List-Building System:
FORMAT: Instant Access PDF Report

The Twitter List Building handouts go hand in hand with the training videos and make sure there is no confusion as to what I'm showing you or how to apply it.

Print these out and get ready to take notes and start building a huge mailing list...

$27 Value


Claim Your Copy of Twitter List-Building by Clicking Here

Considering this is quite possibly the best (and last) FREE list-building strategy available to onliny marketers, I think it's safe to say that...

If You're Not Using Twitter To Build Your
Email Subscriber List, You're Wasting Your Time...

If you love Twitter but feel guilty because you're not cashing in while you tweet, then I probably don't need to convince you how valuable a system like this is. Now you'll finally be able to make money doing what you love...Tweeting 50-million times a day. :o)

If you hate Twitter (like me), I'm here to tell you that you're wasting money and FREE LEADS if you're not using Twitter. I'm serious! What other method do you know of for generating 100% FREE, targeted leads (that also, by the way, can be 100% outsourced).

I'm telling you, I've haven't seen anything quite like this in all my years online, and like all truly powerful free list-building/traffic-generation strategies, I don't know how much longer this one will be around. That's why...

TODAY Is the Perfect Time To Get Started...

By now you probably agree with me that Twitter is the ultimate FREE tool to generate new leads, new customers and new raving fans for your business.

And you're probably ready to start building that free opt-in list today, right?

So that begs the question...just what is access to a proven, FREE list-building system truly worth?

Well, the question of "worth" is really all about how much you're currently earning online:

If you're an ADVANCED marketer already making a substantial amount of money online, I guarantee you'll appreciate these easy to implement strategies that are 100% ready to outsource to contractors. So if you're not a big fan of sending 140 character messages all day, you can still benefit from the free leads Twitter has to offer.

If you're an INTERMEDIATE marketer, this will provide an instant and low-cost boost to your profits. My guess is you've been building an email list for some time, and now you have a FREE way to grow your list and customer base day after day.

My business easily tops 8-figures in revenue a year, and I'm ecstatic about Twitter for my business. If your business is in its beginning stages, I'm convinced you'll feel the same way.

If you're BRAND-NEW and just starting your business then you're among the luckiest of all. Here before you is a FREE way to build your list. While others are spending money on Google Adwords campaigns, you can quietly be building a list of customers at no cost to you.

I only wish I had access to a free list-building medium like Twitter when I first got started.

So really, the question of "worth" varies depending on where you are in this business.

Either way, I think it would be safe to say that access to "Twitter List-Building" is worth at least $500 to ANYONE who's interested in making money online.

In fact, it would be a no-brainer at twice the price!

That's why you may be surprised to learn that I'm granting access to "Twitter List-Building" for $97.

That's ridiculously cheap when you consider...

1) You can build an army of followers 10's of thousands strong in a matter of months...possibly even WEEKS if you really push hard. When you consider that I've spent more than EIGHT YEARS to build my opt-in email list of 181,334 subscribers, a ginormous Twitter following in mere MONTHS is invaluable.

But more importantly...

2) You'll finally know the secrets to migrating your Twitter followers from Twitter onto your email list. You've always heard "The money's in the list..." and you know what - IT'S THE TRUTH! Now, however, you'll finally be able to build that list FAST (and for FREE!)

So there's really no question about whether or not this course will make you money.

I'm literally showing you how to build an ultra-targeted email opt-in list in any market for FREE!

If I really need to spend extra time in this letter explaining to you how you can take that email list and turn it into money, then friend you're WAAAAAY too "newbie" for this training.

The system you're about to learn flat out works, and the investment I'm requiring is so insanely low that's it's impossible NOT to make a positive return on your investment.

The only really question is, will you be one of the fortunate few who gets your hands on this training?

Because here's the bad news...

"Only 500 Copies Of 'Twitter List-Building' Will Be Released And Then It's Going BACK IN THE VAULT"

I normally hold back advanced training courses like this for my highest level coaching students. But occasionally I'll release trainings like this to the public...

...but only in a very limited quantity.

In this case, I'm allowing just 500 copies of this course to be distributed before it goes back in the vault so that only my "Total Access Club" members (my highest level membership site) have access to it.

"Total Access Club" is limited to 1000 members, so between the TAC members and the 500 "outsiders" who get access to this training, that leaves just 1500 people who know these tricks.

That's not enough people to do any damage to these tactics, and to be honest I could probably push it to 2000. But I'm not willing to risk it!

The truth is, I make A LOT more money using these strategies than I do teaching them, so once the 500th copy is sold it's going back in "the vault" where it belongs.

You've been warned, so please don't come crying if you procrastinate and get left out. In fact, right now you need to CLICK HERE and claim your copy before they sell out...

Twitter List-Building System

YES Ryan, I want in! Please let me have one of the 500 available copies of your "Twitter List-Building System" for just $497 $97.

I want to use your proven methods to build a brand-new email opt-in list (or grow an existing list) for FREE using Twitter. If I choose, I'll also use your "Outsourcing Guide" to have someone else do all the "grunt work" for me!

Have your credit card handy and click the happy orange "Add To Cart" button below to access the "Twitter List-Building System" right now...

Add to Cart: Twitter List-Building System ($97)

I Wish You Success and NOTHING less,

Ryan Deiss,

Creator - Twitter List-Building System

P.S. In case you were wondering, "Twitter List-Building" is 100% guaranteed to work for you or I will buy it back from questions asked. So if I'm lying (or inflating the truth even 1%), just let me know within 60 days and you'll get a full refund.

You have nothing to lose and a MASSIVE, FREE email list to gain, so whatís holding you back? Claim your FREE copy of "Twitter List-Building" today CLICK HERE

P.P.S. Seriously, this offer is only being extended to 500 people. And I know how to push a product so it WILL SELL OUT. Once that number is reached will be placed back in "the vault" (i.e. my membership site).

P.P.P.S. Just so you know, I'm a real person and I really do own multiple online businesses. Here is my company information just to prove it to you:

InfoMastery, LLC
5700 S. Mopac Expy.
Suite C315
Austin, TX 78749

If you have any questions about my Total Access Club or "Twitter List-Building", call us from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central Standard Time, Monday through Thursday, at: 512-600-4363 (my assistant Sandy will answer)... or send us an email.


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